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Available until 2:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

The Nick    

Two eggs, four strips of bacon or two sausage patties and crispy potatoes.


Breakfast Burrito    

Scrambled egg, sausage, red onion, potatoes, and Monterey jack cheese in a jalapeno cheddar wrap. Topped with with pico de gallo and sriracha crema.


Corned Beef Hash

Slow cooked corned beef, pulled and sautéed with root vegetable blend and smashed crispy potatoes, drizzled with chipotle aioli and topped with 2 eggs.


Farmers Omlette

Ham, Colby-jack, bacon, onion, tomato, and red pepper.


French Toast Breakfast

Two slices of fluffy brioche French toast, with 2 eggs and a side of bacon.


The Carnivore Omlette   

Sausage, bacon, ham, onion and Monterey jack cheese


The Herbivore  Omlette  

Red pepper, red onion, tomato, leafy greens, and goat cheese, topped with avocado.


Avocado Goat Cheese Toast    

Two slices of sourdough toast topped with avocado spread, goat cheese and pickled onions.


Breakfast Quesadilla

Crispy Quesadilla with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar-jack cheese, and pico de gallo, served with cilantro lime crema.


Pearl Sugar Waffle


Single French Toast


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